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What is QuillBot

If you are looking for the best free rewriters online tool, QuillBot may be the perfect solution for you. It provides customers free administration as well as premium administrations. It is also referred to as a tool that modifies a word, phrase, and sentence. Then, you’ve come down to the right place.

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With the help of QuillBot, you can easily alter phrases, messages, articles, and online media postings. It provides you seven turning modes, which include Standard, Family, Inventive, Creative+, Formal, Abbreviate, and Expanding for review and turning of articles. These revision modes are essentially responsible for the quality of the changed content.

QuillBot was established in 2017 by three computer science students (Rahul Gupta, Anil Jason, and Dave Silin), and the program has evolved fast since then. Millions of students and professionals use it to rewrite phrases, paragraphs, and articles at the time.

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QuillBot has a number of features that define it as the best free article spinning software available.

QuillBot offers you several useful features that make writing simple. In this Quillbot article, we’ll go over all of the features in detail.

  • Clean & Neat Editor: It provides you with a clean & neat working environment that any beginner may use without any specific knowledge.
  • Quillbot is a web-based tool, which means that you may use it from any location at any time and finish your task from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Quill Modes: Depending on your needs, you can pick between seven different quill modes for quilling content. Keep in mind that each of these modes contributes to the overall quality of your work.
  • Extensions and add-ons: Google Chrome extensions, Microsoft Word add-ons, and Google Docs add-ons are among the additional tools available to assist you with your work.

This tool will help you in summarizing any piece of writing.

  • Word Flipper: It allows you to control the number of terms in your spinning content that are replaced with synonyms. You can do so by changing the slider linked with it.
  • Quillbot API: Quillbot API: Quillbot has an API. You can use its API to make applications that use its features.

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There are 7 modes available:

  • Standard Mode: Standard mode is the default mode, and it cannot be changed. This mode strikes a compromise between the changes it makes to your text and the need to maintain the message intact while still making it sound as natural as possible, as described above.
  • Fluency Mode: The mode of artificial intelligence is designed to make your work sound as natural and grammatically correct as possible while being correct. This means that it will make the fewest changes to your text while yet preserving most of its original meaning. Please keep in mind that picking this mode will also reduce the number of Synonyms to the lowest possible level.
  • Creative Mode: The AI in the Creative mode works on modifying as much of your input text as possible. However, this may result in a change in the interpretation of the overall coherence of the data. This mode can be beneficial if you want to see something completely different from what you originally see in your text.
  • Creative+ Mode: This mode uses an upgraded version of Creative Mode AI that generates more natural modifications and understands specific language themes such as popular sentences or keywords.
  • Formal Mode: When you choose the formal mode, your writing is changed to sound more acceptable for a formal audience. If you’re writing in an academic or business context, this is an excellent mode to use.
  • Shorten Mode: This mode tries to simplify your content to the greatest extent possible while maintaining its meaning. Shorten mode is quite handy if you want to reduce the number of words or the overall size of your text.
  • The Expand Mode will attempt to enhance the length of your text by inserting additional words whenever possible. This setting is useful if you wish to write more words overall.
  • Standard, Fluency, and Creative methods are also available for free users. Creative+, Shorten, Expand, and Formal modes are only available as part of a premium subscription.

QuillBot Pros & Cons.

  • Easy to use and simple to use
  • Accessible premium packages
  • Forever plan is accessible free of charge
  • Provides an API developer
  • It is an online tool
  • It also gives a single platform for summarizers and grammar checkers.
  • Word flipper and word freezing feature that they offer.

QuillBot accounts come in two flavors:

  • A free account is one that is created by a user and is completely free to use. These include three modes, three Synonyms settings, and the ability to parse up to 700 characters simultaneously. Additionally, they can summarize up to 5,000 characters immediately by utilizing our accessible extensions.
  • A premium account is one that is linked with a paid subscription. These accounts include all of the features offered to free users, as well as several features that are only available to premium customers.
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Premium account holders receive the following benefits:

  • Increased character limit: Premium accounts can now paraphrase and summarize up to 10,000 characters instantly.
  • A premium account unlocks four extra modes: Creative+, Shorten, Expand, and Formal.
  • The maximum setting for Synonyms: The highest level enables you to replace as many words as possible with Synonyms.
  • Faster processing: Premium accounts’ content is paraphrased more quickly.
  • Comparing Modes: This function enables you to view a single sentence in different modes at once for the purpose of comparing outcomes.
  • Freeze Words: The ability of the paraphraser not to change specific words or phrases.
  • This feature allows you to see the longest piece of your text that remains changed after paraphrasing.

QuillBot Pricing


  • It offers three premium plans
  • Monthly Plan: $4.95/Month.
  • Standard Plan: $4.15/Month.
  •  Yearly Plan: for $3.33/month.
  • 3-day money-back guarantee.
ApplicationBest Web-based Article Rewriter & Spinner
Free Plan/Free TrialForever Free Plan
Discount32% Off on Yearly Plan
Money-back guarantee3-days
What is QuillBot?
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What is QuillBot?
If you are looking for the best free rewriters online tool, QuillBot may be the perfect solution for you. It provides customers free administration as well as premium administrations. It is also referred to as a tool that modifies a word, phrase, and sentence
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