Indian Railways Launch New AC 3-Tier Coaches

Indian Railways Launch New AC 3-Tier Coaches With less than 8% Fewer Fares On These Trains: Top Features You Should Know!

For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, Launch New AC 3-Tier Coaches and economy class carriage with a reduced ticket would be introduced.

The latest news from Indian Railways is as follows: The Indian Railways has announced the establishment of a brand new economy class in its AC 3-tier trains, which is welcome news for travelers.

Not only will the trains be able to seat more passengers as a result of the new film, but the tariff or ticket price will be 8 percent cheaper than the regular AC 3-tier prices.

According to them, the berths in the new AC 3-tier Economy Class will be raised from 72 to 83 as a result of the addition of two coaches.

3 tier ac coach facilities 2021

People will have greater room as a result of this. It offers more advanced functions, which are particularly beneficial to the handicapped. There is a smoke detector in the room. Additionally, in the SL seat of the train, there are amenities such as a dining table and a magazine holder,” Malviya explained.

Additionally, there are some luxury facilities available on this train.

This new AC Economy bus features 83 seats, which is an increase over the previous 72 berths in 3AC Coach.

These coaches will be on more trains in the coming.

Indian Railways intends to introduce two more trains, train number 02429/02430 New Delhi-Lucknow AC special and train number 02229/02230 Lucknow Mail, as a result of the addition of this new 3AC Economy coach to their fleet.

50 new economy coaches, constructed by the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala, are ready to provide services in Mail/Express trains across several zones, according to the Ministry of Railways.

Design and maintenance that is more efficient

Additionally, they have developed better and modular designs for seats and beds in order to increase comfort, reduce the weight of the coach, and make it easier to maintain.

In addition, better passenger comforts have been assured by the new design.

Indian Railways Launch New AC 3-Tier Coaches

A lot of  interesting features

We’re talking about injury-free zones, folding snack tables, and water bottle holders for both longitudinal and transverse bays.

Individual reading lamps and USB charging ports are also supplied for each berth, in addition to the above.

The previous step for reaching the middle and top berths has also been replaced with a new, more ergonomically designed ladder for the same purpose.

  • There are 83 berths in the AC 3 tier, compared to 72 berths in the AC 2 tier.
  • By shifting the primary electrical controls underneath the coach, 11 more berths were added.
  • Each bed has its own set of aircraft-style AC vents.
  • Reading lights that are unique to you
  • Each coach has a Divyang-friendly toilet.
  • Touchless bio-toilets on a modular basis
  • Enhanced comforts in fire-resistant sleepers
  • Laptop/mobile phone charging socket with your name on it
  • Climbing ladders for the middle and top berths have been modified.
  • Snack table with a berth on the side

Passengers will have more headroom now.

Normally, we believe that if the number of births in the coach is increased, the travelers will be forced to make concessions in terms of personal space.

However, it is worth noting that the headroom in the middle and top cabins has been improved.

The toilet area has also seen some improvements in terms of design, both for the Indian-style and Western-style restrooms, respectively.

The passenger facilities in these coaches also include public addresses and information systems for the passengers.

By creating an aesthetically attractive and ergonomic entry, the coach has been enhanced in terms of ambiance and ease of accessibility.


Interior Design that has been improved

When it comes to the interior design, this coach includes luminous aisle markers, lighted berth indications combined with night lighting, and luminescent berth numbers.

Improvements in safety are also being examined, including ensuring that materials meet the international standard EN45545-2 HL3 for fire resistance.

In this manner, it is able to satisfy the stringent criteria of the new fire protection standard.

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