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Cheap Thing To Do In Mumbai

Mumbai is also known as Bombay it is the most expensive city in India. And it is famous for Cheap Thing To Do In Mumbai. According to the united nation, Mumbai is the second popular city in the world.

Mumbai is the metropolitan region it is the 16 metropolitan area in the world.

cheap mumbai

In Mumbai, there is hundred of place and a million things to do in the city. in this article I will tell to  Mumbai can’t buy everything.

In Mumbai there are all kinds of people, the rich, the poor, the middle class or be it, millionaires, as well, this city has treated all the same.

Cheap Thing To Do In Mumbai

 There is a list of things to do in Mumbai.

Mumbai skyline, the gateway of India, city of dreams, maximum city, Shivaji Maharaj terminus, Mumbai night skyline, Prithvi Theatre’s, taste of the Parsi culture, Chor Bazaar,  Crawford Market, go cheap bar hopping, etc…

1. Visit the Gateway of India

The gateway of india

The gateway of India was built in the 12th century in the city of Mumbai.  The gateway of India is the most exclusive landmark is situated in the city of Mumbai.

It was raised to celebrate the arrival in December 1911 at Apollo Bunder, Mumbai (at that point Bombay) of King-Emperor George V and Queen-Sovereign Mary, the primary English ruler to visit India.

The establishment stone was laid in Walk 1913 for a landmark worked in the Indo-Saracenic style, joining components of sixteenth-century Marathi design.

The last plan of the landmark by architect George Wittet was approved in 1914, and development was finished in 1924. This is famous for cheap Thing To Do In Mumbai.

The height was the gateway is which is 26 meters (85 feet) high.

The beautiful view of the sparkling Mumbai city from a motor launch is a truly memorable experience.

2. Chor Bajar

chor bajar

Chor Bazaar is one of the biggest old markets in India,  It is situated close to Bhendi Bazaar in Award Street, South Mumbai, The region is one of the vacation spots of Mumbai is Cheap Thing To Do In Mumbai The word chor implies criminal in Marathi and Hindi. As per well-known legend, if you lose anything in Mumbai, you can purchase the product in “Chor Bazaar”.

In present-day times, Chor Bazaar is said to sell for the most part recycled products instead of taken merchandise. The market is presently acclaimed for collectible and vintage things. The chor Bajar is the 150 oldest market in India. It is the most famous market in Mumbai city

A store called Small scale Market offers old Bollywood banners available to be purchased. Others offer bona fide Victorian furnishings, new parts for vehicles, and so forth. Even though deals are once in a while faltering, wrangling is viewed as required.

This is the right place for those wanting to go shopping on a small budget and who do not care much about the place it was bought from.

3. Crawford Market

Crawford market

Crawford market is a popular place for buying house old items. It is famous for buying vegetables, fruit, product, etc. The Crawford market is the wholesale market until 1966. this market is cross around 72000 sq.

This market is famous for its architecture. Norman and Flemish styles can be found in engineering, delineating components of the old-world appeal in a cutting-edge city. It is famous for Cheap Thing To Do In Mumbai

This market is Arranged towards the north of Chhatrapati Shivaji End, This market is one of the most famous outstanding shopping territories of the city. This market is open for 6 days of the week.

The Crawford Market offers an energizing shopping experience for individuals who love to spend too much. One of the most lovely markets in the city,  you will enter there is a cluster of astonishing organic products, vegetables, and poultry that can be found here.

The blend of the scented vegetables joined with the smells of the new cheddar and handcrafted chocolate makes it a fascinating visit for travelers.

4. Marine Drive

marine drive

Marine drive is the most beautiful place in Mumbai city. It covers an area of 3.6 km long. It is a place on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road in South Mumbai in the city of Mumbai, India.

The marine drive  was arc-shaped which is along with the south Mumbai coast

The marine drive begins at the southern finish with the Nariman Point and finishes at Girgaum Chowpatty, famously known as Chowpatty Seashore.

The coast wraps the Middle Eastern ocean point and it is the best spot in Mumbai to watch the sunset or even to simply go for a restful walk by the ocean whenever of the day or night. Around evening time, when the entire coastline illuminates, it legitimizes its other moniker, like Queen’s necklace.

Marine Drive is the sunset to see the lights glowing it is a perfect arc all along the coast. People come and walk here in the evening time to experience the brilliant sunset.

The sound of the waves is a viewpoint in the Mumbai horizon and the starry sky almost makes Marine Drive is the most romantic spot in Mumbai city.

5. Go to a Cheap Bar

Cheap Thing To Do In Mumbai

Gokul is a bar in Colaba, Mumbai. Situated behind The Taj Mahal Castle Lodging alongside Lofty Film, it is prestigious for its modest mixed refreshments (for the most part brew) sold nearly at retail esteem for example without the additional charges added to mixed refreshments in Mumbai if they are devoured in cafés.

The eatery seating is partitioned into two levels – the upstairs (airconditioned) segment and the ground floor (non-airconditioned). These, thus, are subdivided into smoking and non-smoking. With an accentuation on usefulness instead of style, the absence of enrichment is part of “its appeal”. It is famous for the cheap thing to do in Mumbai.

Telephone Number: +9181794 72856

Where: Ground Floor, Nawaz Building, Kulaba, 10, Tullock Road, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039, 

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