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6 Best Inspirational Bollywood Movies Everyone Should Watch

Whenever I get a moment free I love to watch Best Inspirational Bollywood Movies. But, according to research Inspirational Bollywood movies may provide us a wide range of emotions. Guys will make laugh, cry and even inspire our life to do better. Usually, an excellent method to get people motivated. It allows you to observe others who have been in the same condition as you are now and have worked harder to achieve achievement.

Motivational Bollywood movies show the emotions such as love, persistence, and determination. I’ll present the top 8 Inspirational Bollywood Movies I’ve will definitely help every time I feel low and I’m sure they will always inspire you:

 So let  See the Top 6 Inspirational Bollywood Movies

1 Angreji Medium

Top 6 best inspirational Indian movies is Angrezi medium

One of the latest and most exciting best inspirational Indian movies 2020 in the movies shows self-promotion results. The story is about a beautiful middle-class shopkeeper and his position as both hero and villain who is played by Irfan, and his daughter Tarika, who is both the heroine and enemy in the film.

The story is the unconditional love between a father and his daughter, as well as the tale of unbreakable friendship and small-town obsessions with the foreign dream, is meaningful, both poignant and endearing. ‘Angrezi’ medium helps us realize that while people may travel far in search of answers that were always within them, these answers may or may not be successful. In general, the major story of the video is to demonstrate the difficulties Indian parents experience while raising their children and helping them to get good educations.

2.The Surgical Strike

The Surgical Strike

The Surgical Strike movie is the best motivational Hindi movies, which will be released on the day of India’s Independence Day, is based on an actual story of an attack on an Indian army camp along the Line of Control in the Kashmir region, as the film is set in Pakistan. Once upon a time, militants who resided in Pakistan launched an attack on the camp. Following the Uri attacks, India unleashed a surgical strike, much as shown in the film URI.

The Movie is inspirational for youths. Aditya Dhar creates an entertaining scene by bringing a wide emotional response ranging from neutral to oscillating to his URI assault, never losing sight of the people that did it. Dhar uses a tortoise-like pace to gently and subtly build up the scenes of vengeance on the part of the indigenous people for the murder on URI.

3. 3 Idiots

3 idiots Best Inspirational Bollywood Movies Everyone Should Watch

3 Idiots is the most inspirational movies to watch with students this movie taught us that no matter what troubles you’re facing in life, tell yourself “Aal izz well” and it will give you the strength to tackle those challenges. “Chase greatness and success will follow,” says the second. “Life is not about gaining scores or grades, but about following your dreams,” says the third. These are some golden rules given to you by 3 Idiots in a fun way.

The film, which is said to be largely based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel Five Point Someone, has developed a cult following among young people. Farhan Qureshi (R Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) play engineering students who are forced to fight for positions at the top despite their personal troubles. Rancho nicknamed Chanchad (Aamir Khan) nonetheless, modifies their outlook on life.

He encourages Farhan to have the courage to approach his father and explain why he wants to be a wildlife photographer rather than an engineer. He also assists Raju Rastogi in facing his concerns and gaining the confidence to do so.

Three idiots exposed India’s education system, which places unnecessarily high demands on students. Three idiots movies showed us that life is about far more than grades on a report card. this movie is the best life-changing Hindi movies for students this movie motivating & encouraged you to take risks, dream big, and forge your own way.

4.Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie 

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie 


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie is one of the best Inspirational Bollywood Movies. Milkha Singh, one of India’s most legendary athletes, overcame the massacre of his family, the Partition, and homelessness to become the world’s fastest runner. He gained worldwide notoriety after losing the 1960 Rome Olympics. But in the darkness, he discovers light.

This story is a real-life changing Hindi movie inspired by the famous Indian athletes  who go by the name “The Flying Sikh.” Milkha Singh’s parents were killed in a murder carried out by those who claimed to be religious. He resided in refugee camps with his sister, whom he missed much. Milkha established friends to obtain food and stole from the local people to survive. Milkha enters the army and quickly gains attention for his incredible speed. He is selected for the military service commission. However, he had seniors to contend with, and those seniors were rather unhappy with the way he was beaten up.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Bollywood movies on true stories. Although, he did take part in the Olympic team choices. Despite having suffered a great deal of damage, he smashed the national record. His high level of performance enabled him to run so quickly that he ended up becoming known as the Flying Sikh. He had a really rough childhood growing up through poverty and conflict, yet he ended up doing something none of his relatives or anybody he knew had done before. This is a highly motivating story of how he worked hard, faced challenges, and ultimately proved everyone wrong. This motivational Bollywood movie you must watch Bollywood movies on Netflix, amazon prime, youtube, etc…

5. Dangal

Dangal story is a real-life changing story

Dangal is based on the true story of a devoted warrior who educates and develops his children into World Class Fighters. The film life-changing Hindi movie. The film opens with crooked fighting between Mahavir (Aamir Khan) and a buddy who was also a former wrestler, setting the tone for the fantastic Dangal Theme and revealing Mahavir’s earlier life as a wrestler.

Mahavir aspires for his boys to fulfill his goals, but instead, four females are born. They arrive with a story of a youngster being beaten up in their neighborhood. As a result, Mahavir has high hopes for them as future wrestlers. As a result, he trains his daughters Gita and Babita, showing that girls are capable of competing with professional male wrestlers.

Gita joins the National Wrestling Championships after a hard fight and wins. When she is ready for the Internationals, she chooses to train at the NSA (National Sports Academy), where a coach mis-trains Gita, causing her to intentionally lose every match she tries. Babita, her younger sister, reaches the age where she may participate in Wrestling. Mahavir now plans to instruct both of them according to his own set of guidelines. Finally, Gita overcomes an Australian wrestler by following her father’s, rather than the coach’s, preferred course. This movie is a deep, motivational, and Inspirational Bollywood movies.

The film is outstanding and promotes women’s empowerment throughout the world.

Watch motivational Hindi movies on Netflix, Amazon prime, youtube, etc…

6. Black


These inspirational Bollywood movies are based on the real-life story of Black. The star of this movie is, Rani Mukerji and Amitabh Bachchan it was released in 2005 and was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This story centers around a blind and deaf girl who experiences Alzheimer’s as well. This film is based on the real-life story of Helen Keller, who was the first deaf-blind individual to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

A teacher has the ability to give a ray of hope to someone’s life by teaching them all the things. He has a lot of trouble helping a girl who is blind, deaf, and stupid. His long-term goal is to help his students to graduate. He lends his wholehearted support to her in everything she does. At long ago, the blind girl was able to realize her lifelong dream. The movie was positively reviewed by experts and had great box-office success. It appeared in the Times’ choice of the greatest movies of the year. The story is a life-changing and inspirational movies to watch with students.


So here, In this article, we have to tell you about the best Inspirational Bollywood MoviesBest Inspirational Bollywood Movies. movies provide more than merely entertainment They inspire us with their emotions. All things involving time should be made interesting learning. As entertaining as these movies are, one may also learn from them! Watch these movies if you feel lethargic and need a pick-me-up. To feel vital and spirited, watch Bollywood movies. Actors beautifully captured inspirational stories by producing goosebumps on the viewers. And which ones did we miss? Let us know below



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Whenever I get a moment free I love to watch Best Inspirational Bollywood Movies. But, according to research Inspirational Bollywood movies may provide us a wide range of emotions. Guys will make laugh, cry and even inspire our life to do better
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